Three Topics To Cover With Your Chimney Repair Contractor

5 February 2016
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Keeping your chimney in proper working order ensures not only that it will look correct from the exterior of your home, but also that it will safely vent the smoke and soot from your fireplace away from your home. Given that many chimneys are made of brick, the mortar between the bricks or the bricks themselves can break down over time and call for a repair job. It's ideal to hire a professional chimney service for the job. Not only does the safety of your home depend on having the repair done correctly, but working above your roof can also be dangerous for the amateur. When you're searching for the right chimney contractor for the job, here are three topics to discuss.

Step-By-Step Process

Even if you don't know everything that goes into a proper chimney repair job, you can take a little time to read about the process online. Doing so means that when you ask the contractor to provide you with a step-by-step process of how he or she will tackle the project. You'll have a rough idea as to whether the contractor seems conscientious. Look for someone to lay out not only the specific tasks that will make up the job, but also discuss why each step is important and provide a brief explanation of how it will be performed.

Warranty Specifics

You should always ask the chimney contractor to provide you with a rundown of the warranty that is offered -- and follow up by getting a written copy once you hire him or her. Look for a warranty that covers the equipment used in the job as well as the labour. This means that in the event of a problem with the job -- for example, mortar that didn't set correctly between some of the bricks -- the contractor won't charge you a labour fee to return and get the job done right.

Job Cleanup

In many cases, a chimney repair job will involve removing some or all of the old chimney bricks and replacing them. When the job is done, you'll be left with a significant pile of bricks on your hands, so it's important to ask the contractor about what his or her cleanup will entail. Look for a contractor who will load up the bricks and cart them away for disposal rather than someone who asks you to throw them out in your trash. A chimney contractor should always clean up the job site professionally; hearing someone who offers this pledge can make him or her the ideal candidate to hire.

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