3 Ways To Remove Rust From Your Tools

8 December 2015
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One drawback of keeping your beloved tools in the garage is that moisture often has an easy time finding its way in. Before you know it, this may result in a layer of rust on even your most commonly used tools. Luckily, removing rust isn't as hard as you might imagine. If your tools are in need of some TLC, read on. This article will present three ways to rid them of rust. Read More 

How To Protect Your Windshield From Hail When You Don’t Have A Garage

9 October 2015
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Along with rocks and road gravel, hail is one of the most common causes of windshield damage. Fortunately, there is usually plenty of warning before a hailstorm so you can bring your pets in, cover your garden plants and put your car in the garage. But what if you don't have a garage, or don't have time to drive to your friend's house or to the covered parking garage at the mall? Read More 

Should You Buy A House With Vermiculite Insulation?

2 June 2015
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Asbestos, a product known for its insulating properties, was used in numerous consumer products like floor tiles and brake pads for decades. Medical professionals became aware that fiberglass-like fibers in the asbestos products were able to become lodged in the lungs, leading to irreversible damage over time. Because of this danger, asbestos was removed from most products, and a host of regulations were created for how and when to remove asbestos-containing items in the home. Read More 

2 Benefits To Removing The Asbestos In Your Home Or Business

6 May 2015
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Asbestos is a material that has been used in homes and other structures for many, many years, but it can create serious health risks if it is not removed. Avoiding legal action and serious diseases are both important reasons to have the asbestos in your building removed as soon as possible. Avoid Legal Action As a business owner, you will want to completely remove asbestos from your business in order to avoid having to pay for expensive medical bills or lawsuits. Read More